We are a family-owned company in which we joined forces to be a reliable partner in the real estate business. We are a small business, but we take that as an advantage as we make every effort and maximum engagement for each customer! We are signatories of the Code of Good Practices in Real Estate Brokerage and Member of the Association of Real Estate Brokers.

Gordana Piljić

Dolenjska region

She is economist expert who has upgraded her knowledge on master's degree at the European Faculty of Law in order to provide her clients with even more professional and expert service. As a director of Stanart, she has been a Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Real Estate Brokers, which operates within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, with a significant influence on the development of this field and is always informed of current developments in the field of real estate trading. She is also the head of the education group in the abovementioned association. You can find her at the company headquarters in Bela krajina, but she also provides expert support for demanding projects in Central Slovenia. Those who decide to obtain a real estate broker's license will also be able to meet her at a commission to obtain license.

Maja Piljić

Central Slovenia

Maja is a Master of Strategic Marketing Communication. At Stanart, she takes care of ads, marketing texts and provides you with real estate advice. You may also have read Maja's real estate texts more widely, not only on our websites, but also in the Delo newspaper. Maja is also in charge of fieldwork in the area of Central Slovenia, as she holds a real estate agent license. She brings dynamics and creative ideas to team of employees in Stanart. She is in charge of Central Slovenia.

Jerica Brvar

Head of Administration

Bachelor of Economics who previously completed her education as a business secretary, she manages the entire administration at our real estate agency with care and diligence. Prior to joining our company, she was employed by large construction companies, where, in addition to general administration, she was the head of administration at the law office, enabling her to gain a thorough understanding of the nature of real estate work. This is why in contact with all our employees you will know that you are talking to experts.

Mateo Piljić

Menager of technical service

From his studies in electrical engineering, Mateo retained his pleasure in engineering. He now uses his knowledge to renovate and maintain real estate with all the technical responsibilities that we have in Stanart. You can also see in his work another passion, his love for photography, which is reflected in the fact that in our company we have exquisite real estate photos.

Kaja Ritonija

Kaja Ritonija

Interior designer, Support member

A graduate interior designer who, despite her job, occasionally comes to our aid with ideas for real estate renovations.

Why Stanart is the right decision? Because we are
EFFICIENT: Based on years of experience and regular additional training, administrative problems related to real estate are solved quickly and efficiently.
PROFESSIONAL: We check the statistical data and remind you of a wide range of specifics about real estate, location, documentation, investment aspect, etc.
SAFE: We have insured liability for our business on an annual basis of € 350,000 EUR.

TARGET-ORIENTED: We provide you with a property or a solution of your choice! We do not force you real estate from our database and we do not force you the first tenant or buyer.
TRANSPARENT: With a fair and honest approach, we strive to provide our clients with understandable and relevant economic and legal information and facts in the real estate business.
RESPONSIBLE: Above all, we seek deeper into the specifics of each client and we are committed to them as best we can.
READILY AVAILABLE: We provide responsiveness and a modern way of doing business.
CONNECTING: For you we connect with experts in various fields, with real estate colleagues and other interested parties in the real estate market.
RELIABLE: We guarantee good, safe and above all quality services.

Features of the Stanart brand

  • kindness
  • professionalism
  • warm-heartedness
  • dynamic
  • flexibility and
  • reliability

Company value

  • the guiding principle of our operations is customer orientation
  • fairness to all interested parties - (expertise) knowledge that we are constantly upgrading
  • excellence in operations that is driving force behind the company's development
  • efficiency in the performance of all our services
  • social responsibility

The mission of the company

Our mission is to reliably, quickly and effectively solve your real estate problems while being your reliable partner.

Company vision

We want to become one of the leading real estate agents in Southeast Slovenia. We want to successfully do business in the area of Central Slovenia. We also want to extend our scope of work to interior decoration and renovation works.

Company name

The name of the company Stanart is based on Article 19 of the Public Use of the Slovene Language Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 86/04), which stipulates that the name of the company may also be a fictitious word or a composite name.

It consists of the root word STAN and the word ART.

Stán is shepherd's cottage or old expression for home, housing and art is creating of beautiful works.

Therefore, Stanart company name means
the art of living.

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